Situated at an elevation of 783 meters (2570 ft ). with  one paved road and several dusty back roads leading to our quaint little Village, nestled at the edge of two eco systems, the fir forests of the cascades and the pine forests and grassy rolling hills of the interior plateau. When you arrive you find a clutter of Homes and Cabins on a flat plain once referred to by the natives of the area as Tseistn, Later it was renamed Otter Flat then again in 1901 to Tulameen. Situated at the south end of Otter Lake once known for producing high quality ICE for ice boxes in the Okanagan and beyond. The Kettle Valley Railroad (KVR) once called on Tulameen Station to fill it’s water tanks and fuel up while collecting it’s cargo of Ice and passengers. since the rails where pulled up the rail bed has become a trail.

These days the KVR is part of the Trans Canada Trail system and has been maintained by a local trail society for many years. With hundreds of kilometers of  Trails all connecting at Tulameen we are visited all year round by outdoor enthusiasts , Mountain Bikes, and Hikers are welcome as well as ORV’s. Everyone is encouraged to respect all users and respect our trail ethics posted. The Lake is now mostly used for recreation. While most of the west shoreline has private cabins and summer homes, the Provincial Park consists of a camp  on the west shore and beach on the south shore known by all as The Beach . The KVR follows the east shore all the way to the end of the lake. Otter Lake is home to many pleasure craft from Ski and Wake Boats to paddle boats, Canoes, and Kayaks , the lake can be a busy place on summer weekends. Our small sandy beach where lake and town meet is a perfect place for families and friends to meet and splash in the waters of Otter Lake, a swim float with attached slide for the kiddies graces the swimming enclosure providing hours of sun and fun for visitors young and old. This small park is equipped with toilets and a few picnic tables with a  green area large enough for many groups to place their beach towels. A short drive north is Otter Lake Provincial Park a perfect little campsite designed for one of B.C.’s favorite pastimes Camping. Otter lake narrows here and creates a small bay that is used by the camp site for quieter water sports like Kayaking, Canoeing, and fishing though the odd larger craft has been seen there as well. Though there are still some fish in Otter Lake it has become somewhat dangerous to fish as ski and wakeboard boats happily ply the waters, but don’t be disheartened there are plenty of fishing opportunities within minutes of town. Otter River which flows in at the north end of the lake and connects Otter Lake to the Tulameen river at the south end of town is slow flowing and small. The section from the lake to the Tulameen river  is a perfect tubing run for anyone that wants a leisurely float on a sunny day. It wont take long but you can extend the float to an hour or more if you wish and walk back via the KVR or be picked up at the bridge and drive back. The locals also have a rubber duck race in the river each year to raise funds that help support the community. The Tulameen River once devastated by placer mining is now much quieter though mining claims still line the shores. A great little river to explore known for it’s Kayaking opportunities in the spring, with gold panning and Fishing year round  in it’s many pools and tail outs. Small Rainbow and Whitefish will give you a thrill on lightweight gear, great for kids and catch and release fishing. Tulameen amenities include (The Trading Post)  a General Store/Gas Station/Liquor Store/Restaurant. (We just call it the Mall) We have an ATV shop, Motel, RV Park, Rental Cabins, and a ICBC Body Shop. Our talented locals are always willing to help in an emergency as well. Many home based small businesses call Tulameen home, just ask a local to be directed to one that has the expertise you need. Please check out our local community page’s for incites into how our town is looking into the future and beyond. Planning