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atv"s and Kids
ATV”s and Kids

 Tulameen Trails

Locals do pay to have dust control products spread on the KVR but other trails are natural and we like it that way, though some times the dust is chokingly bad. The best you can do to counter Dust is to slowdown. If you are riding an ATV, or Dirt bike with others space yourselves so you don’t eat to much. If passing hikers and bikers on the trail slow and pass with caution.


The KVR is an organized trail with a set of rules and is maintained buy locals so as to provide a good experience for all users. The list of rules is not long and is basically common sense. Things like wearing a Helmet when riding a motorised vehicle, or not speeding past others, and providing help to anyone in need. Though simple and strait forward sometimes are not abided by or outright scorned by some.

  • Respect others
  • Always ware safety equipment when riding
  • Never use excessive speed
  • Help others that need assistance
  • Slow down to reduce dust when passing others
  • Always be courteous to others
  • Have Fun but be safe

The KVR is wonderful to ride when everyone  respect the rules, it only takes one yahoo to spoil a fun ride. Remember the KVR is part of the Trans Canada trail system that means people from around the world could potentially be using it so lets show them how gracious Canadians can truly be.

Summer Rides

Expeditions into our hills happen every day in the summer months Off Road 4X4 Clubs, ATV Clubs, Dirt Bike Clubs, Mountain Bike Clubs, and Hiking Clubs. But you don’t have to be a club member to experience our wilderness just make sure your properly prepared and away you go for an hour or for a couple of days camping at any one of the many lakes or at a wilderness stop on one of the many trails.

Most of our visitors come up for a weekend and cram as much as they can into it. Riding is the number one activity, and Tulameen does not disappoint we are at the hub of a labyrinths of back roads and trail that stretch in every direction.

Winter Rides

Expeditions into our hills happen every day in winter as well with the Snow Mobil Clubs organizing and grooming trails and roads for all. The snow brings Young and old to slay ride, toboggan, cross country ski, skating both on Otter lake and in our covered outdoor skating rink. The days tend to be sunny when it’s not snowing so come and experience the beauty of our winter wonderland.





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