TRA Open Letter

The Tulameen Ratepayers Association was formed to address a vacuum in representation to government. Tulameen Tax payers have never had an accredited group that could go to government to address issues that affect each and every one of us. Things as simple as potholes in the roads or more elaborate issues that need someone to follow up on.

tulameen library
Tulameen Library

On many occasions individuals have been ignored or promised help that never arrived. The RDOS has said many times to many of us “just complain and it will eventual get done, you know the old saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. We find this unacceptable and we believe you do to.

The TRA asks for no money just your membership, nothing will be asked of you unless you freely offer to help. Volunteers are our only staff and we are asking for those that want to be a part of this fledgling organization to step up. Join us today at Community Pages with your name, address (in Tulameen), and your email.

The Membership list is protected behind encryption and a firewall and every precaution has been made to secure our website. Your email will only be used to inform you of meetings, and issues that need your input.
Tulameen Ratepayers Association in dedicated to a fully democratic organization that is transparent and inclusive in every way.

You may want to be very active or not active at all, but rest assured you will always be included and  informed. Tulameen is a big part of RDOS area H and should be treated as such, but the only way that will happen is if we all stand together.

Ride to a ghost town

The time is now to become involved check out our web site that is still under construction and please send us any ideas you may have to make the site better.

Don’t forget to signup Membership  

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